i had a housewarming once. the doorbell rang. "who is that," one wondered. "it is either skrud or pizza," another answered.

a game was born.

the original game was built using Unity's web player, which has become deprecated as web standards moved relentlessly onward; i've rebuilt the project here for webGL, bringing it forward into the current cultural moment; the zeitgeist, if you will. the world tournament edition once featured online scoreboards, but i can't be bothered to re-implement that. nonetheless this is approximately the correct, original experience.

we love you skrud, wherever you are.

we also love pizza.

music pairing: iron maiden, "run to the hills."
drink pairing: ask skrud.
colour palette: vinter skrud.
font: roboto.

Made withUnity
TagsArcade, esports
Average sessionA few minutes

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