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This is an abandoned prototype, originally meant to be a wander game about traversal, providing a huge environment to explore at a very leisurely pace.

I was hoping to experiment with landscape design, creating a variety of small microbiomes and subtle gradations of place. Oddly enough, the inspiration for this was the 2006 adaptation of The Wicker Man, which, if nothing else, had a number of compelling settings.

The idea was that you would start at one tip of the crescent-shaped island, and across the bay on the other tip would be your ultimate goal, a large manor of some kind. Taking the long way around, you would visit various other settlements and construct a history of successive lived generations in this place. Arriving at the manor you'd find... who knows, ghosts, probably.

The main mechanic I was interested in, besides wandering, was the folding of space at certain points on the map. Playing it now, you start just down the hill from a tall tower. Approaching it, you're teleported to the top (I'd put a loading screen here, or ghosts, or something). From that vantage point, you can see a few other towers on the horizon. Initially, there'd be nothing to do besides observe the other towers; by the end they would serve as a means of instant point-to-point travel, effectively collapsing the space that had previously taken you a very long time to traverse.

On indefinite hiatus for reasons of scope. You should try Eastshade, though.


WADS to walk around, mouse to look.

Controls begin inverted, as nature intended, but you can hit I to flip them this way and that.

If your crosshair touches one of three towers, it will be highlighted; left-click to warp to that point.


The project, such as it is, is available on GitHub.

Drink pairing: Riesling
Music pairing: High Aura'd, No River Long Enough Doesn't Contain a Bend.


holm-lin.zip 43 MB
holm-mac.zip 54 MB
holm-win.zip 31 MB

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